Top 5 Features of Android Lollipop


The OS is really very compact, it’s capable of running on just 512- MB of memory. So Indian users the Indian market won’t miss out the best ever Lollipop for moderate price of mobiles. Other plus point includes that many other Android mobiles will have Androids new Lollipop on them with ability to have a great performance using free app live wallpapers. The recent Android buyers haven’t wasted their money, because they have a chance for being upgraded to Android Lollipop.

Multiple Users

Now Android Supports user to have multiple users on their Mobile. When the owner itself uses his device it is secure, and to pass the security he either have to give a correct password or facial recognition, which is the new feature of the Android Lollipop.

A guest user can access your device with the guest privilege. Which I think can be a trouble. But for multiple users the Lollipop really becomes a Laptop. But with Multiple users at 1 GB or a 2 GB RAM it may lag, but let’s hope not to be.


Lollipop really gives you a control here with its customization option. Lollipop users can adjust the settings even in the notifications. The setting allows only certain people and notification get through. The panel is merged with the lock screen so we can see what is it and then take up the phone. There will be shadow gradients and 3D tiles that slide for more User friendly Interface. It is really smooth

Other change which is great is the notification which flow over the screen on the top when you are playing a game

Fast, Efficient and Better looking

With all these features it may sound a little laggy. But it isn’t. It’s all new features make it more responsive to visual impacts. The new Android Lollipop works with ARM x86 and MIPS platform that is twice faster as other Android Operating System. It has 4x performance improvements.

The battery life is also more efficient with their feature PROJECT VOLTA, this feature allows to lengthen the device battery life to 90 min more. And it gives an approx. time left to until the battery is topped up